'Can't wait for family missing to come out, I've read family fear and family secrets!! Best books i've read, :)' Sophie aged 12

'Family Secrets was very enjoyable to read and it was one of those books you could not put down.' Holly aged 12

'A heart warming and realistic story, once I started I couldn't put it down. Ideal book for 12+.' Melissa

'True to life – very emotional' Lydia aged 12

'I believe that Family Secrets is a brilliant book and that it shows a lot of emotion.' Aiden aged 12

'Family Secrets is a really imaginative and eventful book. It's absolutely great for teenagers. Especially because of the emotions and how realistic the characters are! Jade yr7

'I think Family Secrets really inspired never to get upset about bullies and never punch them in the nose.' Joseph aged 11

'Wow! Your book is so good, a compulsive read.' Jan (adult)

'Just a note to say how much I enjoyed reading your book 'Family Secrets'. I took it on holiday and couldn't put it down.' Chris (adult)

'Awesome book, great storyline. I didn't put it down from start to finish.' Megan aged 18

'An excellent read for teenagers and older people.' Councillor Jill Arkley-Jeavons

'Family Secrets' named book of the week 24/6/2010 by Rotherham Library Service.

(Family Fear) 'This is an enthralling storyline and the way the writer captures the personality of the characters is amazing. Once I started reading I couldn't put the book down.' Christina - 12 year old bookworm!

(Family Fear) 'A great read. Inspiring and heart warming with the occasional disaster! A real page turner, highly recommended!' Naomi (adult)

'An excellent follow up to 'Family Secrets'. Once I started reading 'Family Fear' I could not put it down until it was finished. Pam (adult)

'Great story with plenty of suspense.' Ellen aged 15 commenting on 'Family Missing'

'The book (Family Missing) was really cool. It's a whirlpool of adventures going on all over the place.' Hania aged 13

'A great story. I've now read the complete trilogy and I love them all. Worth every penny. I'd recommend them to all my friends ' (Family Missing)' Amazon reviewer

'Could not put this book down!! It's a great trilogy! I Recommend to anyone around the age of 12-16 !!' (Family Missing)' Amazon reviewer

'A heartwarming moral parable, evocative of A.A. Milne. Sweet, whimsical and beautifully illustrated; everything it should be. Short but descriptive - ideal for KS1 and early years readers.' Amazon reviewer

'I think Witness is a fantastic story. I couldn't put it down.' Cody aged 14

'Having read Gail Jones other books I expected a good story but Witness was fast paced and exciting, keeping me reading it in just 2 sessions to find out what was going to happen to the characters. Although written as a book for teenagers it works equally well for adults (like me).' Amazon reviewer