Extract - Family Missing

At six we all sat in the lounge, trays on our laps and plates piled with chips covered in delicious stew.

Dad reached for the remote and switched to the Calendar news bulletin. I stabbed a chip and looked up at the TV just in time to see a large image of my face staring back at me. The fork and chip hovered in front of my mouth as the newsreader announced.

"Fifteen-year-old, Rebecca Chambers was last seen leaving her house in Swinton, South Yorkshire shortly after school on Monday last, reportedly to visit a friend. However, none of her friends saw her that evening and the outgoing teenager hasn't been seen since. Police are asking for anyone with any information about Rebecca's whereabouts to ring this number."

A number appeared beneath Rebecca's chin as my mouth hung wide and an icy hand squeezed my heart. Rebecca was with me Monday night and she never made it home. I could still see her waving as she walked down our drive and along our street.

Something happened to her shortly after that.

Rebecca was missing.

My twin was gone.