Extract - Beaut

Toby squirrel hid behind branches and leaves.  Beside him sat a small pile of acorns.  His friend Terry rabbit hid in the bushes below. 

With leaves rustling around them they waited quietly.  Before long Sam the Fox walked by.  Toby nodded to Terry and they both threw an acorn at the passing fox. Terry missed.  His acorn landed with a soft puft in the soil.  But Toby’s acorn hit Sam between his ears.

Sam jumped and looked around but could only see trees and bushes.  Toby and Terry had ducked out of sight.  Sam frowned but went on his way thinking the acorn must have fallen out of the tree by itself.

Harry Hedgehog came next.  He ambled slowly beneath the trees and was most surprised when an acorn bounced right off his nose!