• Family Secrets

    Hi. I'm Rachel. I'm fifteen.

    When we moved house (Dad's idea), I was so dreading starting my new school. Turns out, that was the least of my worries. Within weeks I'd:
    1. Fallen out with my new best friend.
    2. Found out I was adopted and
    3. Figured out my parents were keeping something from me. (Apart from me being adopted, that is.)

    Turns out my whole life was a lie and I'd got to figure out the truth. I was like, a total wreck! The only good thing was Luke. Anyway, if you're interested, you can find out about Luke and all I discovered in my book 'Family Secrets'.

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  • Family Fear

    Hi. This is Rachel again. After all the trouble I told you about in my first book 'Family Secrets', I was really looking forward to going back to Scarborough for the summer holidays.

    I was gonna see my gran and all my old friends and get away from all the bad stuff for a while. But that so didn't happen! It started to go wrong as soon as I stepped off the bus and creepy Joshua tried to chat me up. Then the next day Gran never came home from the day centre.

    When the police turned up at Gran's bungalow looking all serious I was totally freaked. After that things just kept getting worse and it was up to me to sort it all out, even though it could cost me my life.

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  • Family Missing

    Hi, this is Rachel again. You would have thought after all I’ve gone through already this year that I’d finally get a break, but no, things were about to get a whole lot worse!

    Back at school in September I found that evil Emma had teamed up with Carly the bully and you guessed right, that could only spell more trouble for me. Becca, my only friend in Rotherham (other than my hot boyfriend, Luke) had some devastating news that left me wondering whether to just move schools and get away from it all. Then, if that wasn’t enough, my twin Rebecca went missing. She just didn’t arrive home one night after visiting me. Her dad figured it must be my fault and I thought so too. I decided to do all I could to help find her, but I’d no idea what danger I was putting myself in. I had never faced anything like this before and wondered whether one or both families would be left without a daughter.

    Family Missing is the exciting conclusion of the Rachel Brooks trilogy. Read the story so far in the much praised ‘Family Secrets’ and ‘Family Fear’.

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  • Witness

    'By Thursday, Jody hadn’t appeared and everyone knew it was serious. Some people still said she’d run away, but most weren’t sure. Her face was shown on the news and viewers asked to phone in with any information. The police went door to door asking if anyone had seen her, but no one had. It was like she’d been picked up by aliens, or something.

    Two policemen came to see me. They asked loads of questions, like, was she happy? Why had she borrowed my jacket? Was she in any trouble? Had she argued with anyone?

    I answered them all but wasn’t much help. How could I be? I didn’t know anything.'

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  • Toby is Lost

     'Toby the squirrel ventures out for the first time on his own.  After seeing a beautiful butterfly he follows it much further than he should and is soon lost.  Can the little squirrel find his way home or will he be lost in the dark wood forever?'

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  • Thief

     'Toby Squirrel is gathering acorns for the winter but someone is stealing them.  Can Toby find out who it is and how can he stop them?'

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  • Beaut

    'When Toby Squirrel and Terry Rabbit are naughty, their punishment is to make friends with Beaut, a very proud and unfriendly peacock.  Will this turn out okay, or will Toby and Terry find themselves in even more trouble?'

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  • Fire

    'Millie the dormouse was fast asleep; she blinked her eyes and wondered why there was so much noise. What could be happening? She lifted her head and peeked out of her tree-trunk home.'

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