About Me

Gail JonesHi. I live near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

I work part-time, fixing computers, for my local council and part-time as an author.

I enjoy working with children and young people.  I organise games, puzzles, stories, art activities, quizzes, talks and parties.  I join in the games whenever I can as I'm still a kid on the inside.  School visits are the highlight of my life, as a writer, as I love encouraging children and young people to enjoy literature.

I love nature and write outside whenever I can. I love to see trees, flowers and butterflies and hear the birds sing. It makes me more creative.

I've completed two courses on writing for children, one with the London School of Journalism and the other with the Academy of Children's Writers. It was doing these courses that first introduced me to writing for teenagers. Prior to that I had always written for five to seven-year-olds. The courses pushed me to try teen fiction and I found that I love it!

I have lots of stories ongoing, I keep getting new ideas and starting off a story before I forget them. I often have five or more in my bag so that I can chose to write one whenever I like.

Over the last few years I have worked mostly on the Rachel Brooks Trilogy ‘Family Secrets’ published December, 2008, ‘Family Fear’ published December, 2010 and ‘Family Missing’ published June, 2012. My latest young adult fiction novel is 'Witness’ published November, 2014. My first picture book ‘Toby is Lost’ was published in ebook format only in December 2012 ‘Thief' followed in May 2013, ‘Beaut’ in December 2013 and ‘Fire’ in October 2014. My next project is ‘Time Fixers’ another young adult novel dealing with issues faced by modern day teenagers with a time travelling eliment mixed in. Take a look at my Facebook page for more details on these.

You can also view up to date news and photos on my author page on Facebook, and add comments and reviews on my books on there too.

You can even email me. I'd love to hear from you and will reply to any serious enquiries as soon as I can.

UK readers can purchase any of my books and some of my favourite books by other authors by clicking here.

Gail Jones